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Title: Qbag Pack of 5 Alu Foil Cooking Bags

Description: The Qbag aluminium foil bag is the perfect cooking vessel, retaining moisture and succulence and letting your favourite sauces and marinades go to work, while the window lets you keep an eye on things. The window peels away for you to add ingredients or stir, and at the end of cooking the Qbag can also be used as a serving dish. The size you are buying here is approximately A4 measuring 210mm x 300mm.

Price per Pack of 5 Qbags: £3.20

Available in ASDA and Sainsburys

We partnered with the UK's most trusted household aluminium foil brand BacoFoil, making our exciting way of cooking more accessible to you than ever before. Look out for BacoFoil EasyCook Foil Bags in ASDA and Sainsburys and buy 5 bags for £2.99!

Got your Qbags?

Get some recipe ideas from our Recipe Section and we hope you enjoy our product!

Cookery Books Featuring Qbag!

These are two brilliant cookery books that feature the Qbag as an easy way to cook their delicious range of recipes on the BBQ/grill:

The Great Outdoors Cookbook: Over 140 recipes for Barbecues, Campfires, Picnics & more by Phil Vickery. Follow Phil Vickery on Twitter.

BBQ - A Party by Peter de Clercq

Look out for them at your local book store or on Amazon.

Delicious Marinades Perfect for Qbag

Perhaps you have just bought some Qbags and are looking for some delicious and easy to use marinades and sauces to cook with your meat?
We've picked out some of our favourites from the flava-it™ range that would be great to use at your next BBQ party!

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