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Extensive recipe collection - BBQ recipes, sea food, chicken curries, veg dishes, meat dishes, & desserts too!

All our recipes include cooking times and temperature tips for cooking on either the BBQ or in an oven.

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The outdoor BBQ market has been largely unexplored for many companies because until now, it's been difficult to sell prepared meals in an easy and convenient way on the BBQ/grill. Our Qbag Alu Foil Cooking Bag products bridge this gap for you whilst offering your customers a new and exciting, easy, convenient and not to mention - healthy - way to cook your dishes outside.

We are now taking orders at our factory for Spring/Summer 2014 launches. If you are interested in incorporating our exciting outdoor cooking bag concept into your value-added meal solutions or our retail packaging solutions into your product range with retailers, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Sales Team today.

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