At Qbag, we believe that cooking should be EASY, CONVENIENT and EXCITING for home-made healthy meals, whatever the weather.

Cooking with Qbag enhances the whole experience of cooking meals at home, at BBQ parties, at picnics, on camping trips etc. at every step from preparation to clear up after.

Qbag helps you avoid everyday problems and headaches from cooking at home. For example leaks, dry/burnt food and lingering smells from cooking fish in the oven.

If you like steamed fish, succulent ribs that fall off the bone, marinated juicy meat and poultry, healthy steamed vegetables, any food cooked in sauces and even curry - then Qbag is ideal for you! Now there is no need to avoid cooking your favourite dishes come Summertime just because it's too hot to stay in the kitchen.

Tired of cooking other food on the barbecue but still getting the char-grill meat taste? Qbag allows you to cook many different types of food at the same time without any cross-contamination of flavours or aromas.

Wondering what to cook in Qbag?

Check out our unique Recipe Collection with 25 recipes designed exclusively for cooking with Qbag!

All our recipes include cooking times and temperature tips for cooking with Qbag on the barbecue and in the oven.

→ See also: How to use the Qbag.

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